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Web Spam Fighting Benefits of Using Rel=”Author”

Today Matt Cutts, Google Web Spam Engineer released new video explaining the benefits of Rel=”Author” and how it can help to fight web spammers with low quality or scrapped contents.

Explaining with example of Danny Sullivan as author, Matt explained that if a writer/author having identity and authority writes contents, Google will see those as more trusted and authentic contents as compared to web spammers.

Having Rel=”Author” will provide more weight to your contents as well as authority and credibility.

So if you do not have verified author account with Google, get it today and start writing great contents which will help to outrank spammer and scrappers. Google Rel=”Author” also helps make your visibility and popularity on web as it displays your snap with the contents which makes it for realistic and authentic.
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Aprajita Kohli is contributing blog writers to Submit Shop’s, she’s a well-respected blog writer in SEO and Content writing industry and writing for many of blogs and online digital Articles websites. She is student of Journalism and mass communication in University of Greenwich London. She is writing for Articles Magazine, Blogs and Press release writing companies.
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  1. Mike says:

    It is a good move by Google. Great author can now contribute to any website may have domain authority or not still that page will rank good in search engine results. I think it Google is moving toward to page level now.

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