Google today announced a new method for Go Daddy and eNom users to make it easier for users to verify domains for Google services like Webmaster Tools and Google Apps.

As we know that Google require domain verification to use some of its services and one method is create a DNS TXT record. For many users who are not techincal, DNS TXT record may be difficult one to implement.

So now If your domain name records are managed by eNom or Go Daddy, in the Google site verification interface you will see a new, easier verification method as shown below.

  • Selecting this method launches a pop-up window that asks you to log in to the provider using your existing account with them.
  • The first time you log in, you’ll be asked to authorize the provider to access the Google site verification service on your behalf.
  • Next you’ll be asked to confirm that you wish to verify the domain.
  • And that’s it! After a few seconds, your domain should be automatically verified and a confirmation message displayed.