As we all know that Google have paid service ($0.10 per response) called “Google Consumer Surveys” where you can create surveys and access near Google-powered reports, charts, and insights about your products.

Today, Google released a tool/service for webmasters to evaluate user satisfaction towards your website. Now Google Surveys will offer each website owner 4 free basic questions form, displayed in the lower right hand side of your site. This Survey have limit of up to 500 responses and can be re-enabled after 30 days time frame for free again.

If you need more control on your survey or need customised questions for your readers, you can pay some extra money to Google which is $0.01 per response.

All you have to do is place a one line piece of code in your website source between <head> to </head> section by signing up form for Google’s Consumer Surveys for website satisfaction.

It will help webmasters to enhance their website based on user feedback as well as Google can also access better your website from user point of view. Right now this service is limited to only US English visitors.

You can also read more on official Google+ Page of Consumer Surveys.