Author Bio, have been a topic of discussion among webmasters and SEO community since the guest blogging started after panda and penguin. So what is Author Bio? Author Bio is a standard part of article contents where information is given about the author of the article with links to his website, you may have seen many article with author bio.

Due to the fact that people started using Author Bio to spam Google for getting anchor text links with 100’s of article submissions, and Google have to come into action by modifying its webmaster guidelines, where once Google indicated about excessive article submission with target anchor text bio links as violation of webmaster guidelines. Since than many stopped doing articles or changed their way how it is done.
So how does Guest Blogging relate with Author Bio, till now many bloggers and guest blogging community avoided adding author bio at end of posts due to making or showing it as separate as doing articles. They have been adding links within contents to showcase these as guest blog posts.

But today, in video Matt Cutts, gave stamp of authority that Author Bio is compulsory in Guest Blogging. Matt further explains why he thinks that blogs posts which will have suitable bio, gives more trust as organic blog post. According to Matt, if a blog post will have bio section about the author of the post and why he is invited to post the blog, it shows that its real blog post.

The authenticity of Author Bio can be judged from the links within the bio, if the links are anchor text links, than most probably post is look like paid links and if they have brand linking in bio, most probably shows it as real author.

So next time you do blog post, make sure to have great written bio with brand based linking.