Maile Ohye – Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, posted “SEO essentials” for startups in under 10 minutes” with a video and Google doc’s slide show, in Google Webmaster Blogs explaining “essential” SEO tips for new websites fewer than 50 pages. So if you want to rank for your company name and few more related keywords, you need to see this video

Here are some Key Point from Video

  • Make 301 redirect from non www to www ( to
  • Sign Google webmaster tools and verify your website
  • Check usability, navigation as well as focus each page on its own contents
  • Writing good copy of your pages including keywords which user can search
  • Google says that every pages should have unique topic, title, description
  • Link URL should be lower case having keywords separated with – hyphen tag
  • Using descriptive anchor text for each link
  • Participate in Forums, blogs and Social Media
  • Get natural links and +1, likes, shares and follows
  • Make brand identity on Key Sites like twitter, facebook etc

So in this, mainly Google emphasized on pages factors as well as use of Social Media and Brand building by making identities on Social networking sites.