Google today issued a warning to affiliate websites with thin contents which add no value to users. So we may expect another update targeting thin affiliates websites related to adult video web industry and other niches, so we can say a more targeted update this will be.

Chris Nelson, from Search Quality Team of Google wrote that if you are running a website with thin contents or scrapped contents with no value for users, it against the Google quality guidelines, he mentioned that they have been seeing the same in adult industry and few other niches. These websites basically provide affiliate contents content which is being displayed on 100’s of other websites resulting in duplicate or thin contents.

Basically Google wants to evaluates you if these websites add any real value to end user, if “No” answer is to close such web sites or these may be removed from Google Index.

I think there is no worry for those websites which are selective in contents, If you are doing selected or manual curation of contents from the provider, you are creating good website, for example Amazon have 1000’s of products for each topic, if you are selecting 100 products which will be useful for users to buy, you are creating good website to buy from, instead 1000’s of products on provider website which can really be tough to buy from.