Google penguin update that made it compulsory to get only links from related authority sites. Whenever you acquire any links by any link method the question before you Is this a authority link or not. It is quite difficult to judge as you do not the website authority rank. Days are gone when you make judgment on basis of Pagerank or Alexa ranking etc. To solve the problem we have made the following questionnaires about a website from where you acquire link, to make opinion about authority links.

1. Does The Website is not a part of some linking Network?
2. Does The Website have some good age or maturity?
3. Does The Website Provide Value?
4. Does The Website closely related to your business theme?
5. Does The Website have quality Inbound links ( IBL)?
6. Does The Website get traffic for you?
7. Does The Website has good contents or relevant content
8. Does The Website has good Design
9. Does The Website have quality outbound links (OBL)?
10. Does The Website belong to your region
11. Do the website have Trusted Extensions
12. Does the website not involved in spam or black hat tactics
13. Do the website have Lots of adverts on the front page
14. Does the website have good location of links, i.e. not site wide or footer links

Above criteria can help in making analysis of a website to acquire links.