First observation from the damage caused by Penguin since 24th April, you will say yes that Google is targeting SEO Companies with Panda and Penguin algorithms….Barry from also confirmed in his polls….. So what’s the mindset behind this theory?

Why Google will target SEO’s and Internet Marketers

Here are some points which comes in mind

  • We know Google popularity is based on Free search engine…in world NO Free service can earn you money needed to grow your business, that’s why Google also runs PPC or Google Adwords. More the adwords, more money for Google. Due to the fact that SEO companies make it happen to on Page First on popular terms with SEO techniques, so in that case people avoid to buy Google PPC ads because they are already on First page for there business keywords….So this is direct loss for Google in terms of revenue. So practically Google will target these SEO companies on names of Web Spam and Paid links so that more customers should buy Google Paid Ads.
  • Google is competing against MicroSoft, Facebook as well as Yahoo which are multi million companies, So Google also need cash to compete with them…that’s why he is attracting people towards PPC.

So is that true that Google targeting SEO’s

No, we do not think so that Google only targeting SEO’s

  • Due to the fact that on SEO Forums, Google Product Forums, Blogs, and Webmaster communites, mostly are SEO, which keeping crying when they are targeting by Google…So practically actual customer have no access and do not like to post on these forums, so from first look, it seems that all SEO are being targeted. The Polls are showing same as well.
  • There many Spam SEO Companies as well which has private networks of sites, directories for submission etc. These sites or directories has no such value of actual users, so these are just spam directories which being used to fill the Google Index. Penalizing such SEO’s is great step taken by Google.
  • We have observed that sites which are being targeted by Google has some relation with SPAM, they were involved in Paid Links, Low quality links or as well as scrapped contents. So in actual it seems that Google has developed application which is able to catch the culprits.

Since Google is pushing more and more its services in paid model like Google Products search named to Google Shopping on Pay per model, it’s obviously comes in mind that Google is trying to earn more cash from its Free services.