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Keywords are the most basic steps in SEO, Internet marketing as well as PPC. Before starting any SEO campaign, you need to have well researched keywords which can get you business.

In Keyword research and analysis, we work on both target keyword as well as long tail keywords which can get you sales and traffic. From our experience in SEO business, we know which type of keywords are profitable and which ones will send you free traffic.

We research from

  • Our experience and expertise from SEO tools
  • Via Google keyword analysis tool and bid placed on keywords
  • We also search in Google and see what type of keywords people are using to sell same type of services and products
  • We research in Bing search engine as well

Our keyword research will targeting the right audience to send you lots of relevant traffic as well as focusing on targeting geographic location.

We will send you detailed keyword analysis report so that you can decide which keywords you want to use for your website.