Many webmasters develop useful third party widgets to add or enhance the functionality of websites or provide embedded widget for their informational sites, guides, software’s, applications or utilities for easy integration in side bar or within the contents. We have seen widget being developed for wordpress, sites or many types of CMS’s for example News, Games, and Health or Travel widgets. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly they add their credit links or powered by within the coding of the widgets which gives them direct do-follow links from those sites using these embedded widgets, so question is if these links need to be have no-follow attribute?

Answering a question in video, Matt Cutts recommended adding “No-Follow” attribute to such all type of links. This applies on both, if the links within the code is showing, the end user using the widget can add no follow, or if its coded within the widget programming, it becomes the responsibility of the developers or distributors doing no-follow them.

Matt Cutts also cleared that widget links are not same as the good quality editorial links and Google spam filter can catch them, so it’s safe to add no-follow for all such type of links.