In Google blog post by Yong Zhu, from the rich snippets testing tool team, Google released Revised Rich Snippet tool renamed as Structure data testing tool in Webmaster tools.

This seems More accurate rendering of the rich snippets, cleaner User Interface (UI), and translated in many languages like Arabic, French, Spanish, and many more!

However the revised tool is located at same old location with same URL name as before

There are two TAB for this tool

  • URL – If you have webpage online, enter the URL to check
  • HTML – if you have webpage under development, add code (limited to 1,500 character limit) however if the page size is more, it makes testing of pages in development much more difficult

 I personally like the look of new structured data testing tool which is visual design, it is now more accurate as for as concerned the testing tool to better match how they appear in search results

 Attached is the snapshot created for Submitshop