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Well the first and foremost question that is been asked these days by everyone is that is any type of Submission be it directory submission or manual article submission or even social bookmarking submission any good after the latest updates of Google. Seeing the changes which have taken place I would not say that these questions are wrong. Infact I think these are the right concerns of everyone. We were also worried about the same and therefore in past few weeks we did alot of study on the same and carried out test checks on the same. What we have found is that whatever anyone says the submissions specially the manual submissions are here to stay but with a change. Now the importance question is what is this “Change”. The Change covers the following points:-

  • Change in the selection of the directories be it general web directories, article directories or social bookmarking sites. Now the submissions have to made only to genuine, good content and authority domains.
  • Submissions cannot be made to any random site without any value. So this means that submissions will be done but in genuine good quality web directories in reality and not in theory.
  • The techniques which were used for making the submissions have now to be changed. Again the word change is there, well not to worry I am also smiling while writing this but what is to be said is to be said. Coming back to the change well now while making the submissions we have to make sure that we use such anchor texts which have not been widely used by us for any type of web promotion before. We need to diversify the use of the anchor texts to huge extent so that we can derive the benefits of the submissions.
  • We have to make sure that the anchor texts which we use for submission are not the main keywords but secondary ones so that we can get the benefit of referral domains to your website by doing any type of manual directory submission.
  • Yes I agree that general directory submissions amounts will reduce due to quality controls as many of the webmasters have built trash web directories in place of quality directories but this is not so bad. Why is this not bad because now we should go for more regional web directory submission service, theme based website submissions, industry vertical web directory submission as such manual website directory submissions will help us in getting the desired results.

I hope I have not put you off from trying these services but I have stated the facts which many people are afraid of stating but which are the obvious truths in these times. So please go ahead and try some of our services and if you still have doubts please do feel free to contact us anytime as we are there for you always.

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